Fantastic autumn colours

Book an unforgettable autumn holiday

Fall foliage, known as “ruska” in Finnish, is the process of leaves turning various shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. When is the best fall foliage season in Lapland? On average, the peak foliage season in northern Finland lands on the second week of September and it lasts about ten days. However, this varies from year to year due to weather conditions. If it’s sunny and warm, the leaves might stay in place longer – windy weather will do the opposite.

Best way to enjoy autumn colours is to go on a “ruskaretki”

“Ruskaretki” is a typical outdoors activity loved by many Finns and visitors alike. Basically, it means a holiday to Lapland to admire the stunning autumn colours. It can last anywhere from couple of days to one week depending on the enthusiasm of the visitor.
The holiday might include daily shorter or longer walks, hikes or bicycle tours or other outdoor activities. And after an active day it’s always a great pleasure to dip into the pools of Water World and enjoy later delicious meal at Restaurant Kekäle.

Ruska season is a good reminder what life is all about: seizing the moment.