Classic Pizza Restaurant

Classic Pizza Restaurant has been a part of Finnish people’s lives for over 20 years. The restaurant was founded as a family business in Hanko in 1996 – and now it pampers pizza lovers all the way in Levi!


The best pizzas in the middle of Levi’s beautiful scenery!

Classic Pizza Restaurant is relying on the traditions, but at the same time always looking to renew their offering to customers. We are not just a pizza place, but we are committed to creating a complete experience to our customers: a comfortable environment, friendly service, stylish menu and delicious food and drink experience. Our promise has always been to be the better pizza restaurant, a solace for our customers to come back over and over again to enjoy gorgeous food and take a breather from their busy lives.

Kindly note, we don’t take table reservations.

+358 40 656 9029



Andalucia L, 17,00 €
A cold appetizer pizza – perfect for sharing! The small pizza pase is topped with wasabi and ginger creme fraiche, cold-smoked salmonm, capres, red onions, peppers, lime and olive oil.

Mozzarella di Bufala and Salsa picante on stone-baked bread L, 5,00 €.

Stone-baked bread with garlic and blue cheese L, 6,00 €.

Stone-baked bread with garlic M, 4,00 €.



Side salad 6,00 €
Crispy lettuce, red onion, olives, feta and balsamic vinegar.

Mozzarella salad G, 15,00 €
Crispy lettuce, rocket leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, mozzarella di bufala, sunflower seeds and olive oil. For extra topping, we recommend air-cured ham.

Grab salad M, G 15,00 €
Crispy lettuce, rocket leaves, fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, crayfish with lime and coriander dressing.

Preferita salad 17,90 €
Crispy lettuce and rocket leaves. Plus three toppings of your choice and one dressing.



N:O 1 Verde mon Dieu! L 16,90 €
Beetroot, bue cheese, sunflower seeds, tomato sour cream, fresh rocket, honey and sesame sauce.

N:O 2 Truffo 16,90 L €
Rocket salad, fresh champignons and shitake mushrooms, red onions and truffle oil. This white pizza does not contain tomato sauce.

N:O 3 Phangan Lover L 19,90 €
Hot salsa sauce, crayfish, jalapeno, tomatoes, red onions, chili mayo and fresh basil.

N:O 4 Alpen Würster 18,90 €
Hot salsa sauce, raclette cheese, bacon, bratwurst, pickled cucumber and horseradish crème fraiche, Ja voll!

N:O 5 Hong Kong L 20,90€
Hot salsa sauce, grilled chicken, curry, chrimps, fresh champignon, coconut milk and lime coriander oil.

N:O 6 Salmon Rucola L 21,90 €
Cold smoked salmon, onion, caviart, crème fraiche and fresh rocket salad.

N:O 7 Rudolf L 22,90€
Cold smoked reindeer, bread cheese, cranberries and cloudberry jam.



N:O 8 Prosciutto L 17,90 €
Air cured ham, tomatoes and blue cheese.

N:O 9 Margot & Rita L 12,00 €
Frech basil. For extra topping we recommend mozzarella di bufala +3€.

N:O 10 Bolona L 16,90 €
Finnish minced beef.

N:O 11 Vegaano V 17,50 €
Vegan cheese, grilled artichokes, sundried tomatoes, fresh shiitake mushrooms,onions and fresh basil.

N:O 12 Quatro Formaggi 18,50 €
Mozzarella di bufala, raclette, blues cheese and fresh basil.

N:O 13 Hamburguesa L 18,70 €
Your choice of spicy fava beans or minced beef. Hot salsa dressing, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes, lettuce and lime and coriander oil. For extra topping we recommend bacon and pickles.

N:O 14 Colore VL 16,90 €
Salami, feta cheese, fresh peppers and onions.

N:O 15 Pepes L 17,90 €
Pepperoni, tomatoes and blue cheeese.

N:O 16 Tunana L 19,90 €
Tuna, shrimps, onions and capers.

N:O 17 Hangover L 18,90 €
Hot salsa sauce, salami, crispy bacon, pickled cucumber and jalapeno.

N:O 18 Hamanos L 19,90€
Sauna-smoked ham, blue cheese and pineapple.

N:O 19 Pollo Barbeque 19,90€
Grilled chicken, crispy bacon, pineapple and BBQ sauce.

N:O 20 Rucola Crudo VL 19,90 €
Tomatoes, goat cheese and topping the warm pizza fresh rocket salad, air-cured ham and balsamic vinegar.

N:O 21 Pizza Preferita 21,90 €
Three toppings of your choice.

N:O 22 Pizza Bambino 12,00 €
A smaller pizza for children. Two toppings of your choice.

N:O 23 Frances L 18,90 €
Sauna smoked ham, shrimps and fresh champignon.


Seasonal sorbet V, G, L 6,50 €

Chocolate-Orange pastry V, M 11,50 € €
Melt-in-your-mouth rich chocolate cake with sorbet

Asserin Taiga G, L 11,00 €
Tempered bread cheese, cloudberry jam and passion fruit ice cream.

Sweet Nutella 15,50 €
Nutella, seasonal berries and mint chocolate ice cream on a small pizza base.

Bad Santa limoncello L, G 7,00 €
Premium ice cream flavoured with limoncello liquer produced on family farms in Italy. The product contains alcohol and is therefore only suitable for customers of legal age (alcohol content 4%) You won’t find this anywhere else!

Sweet Santa passion G, L 6,50 €/ball
A refreshing ice cream with a passion fruit flavour

Sweet Santa mint chocolate VL,G 6,50 €/ball
A rich ice cream with a mint chocolate flavour.